Minecraft PE 1.20.31

Minecraft PE 1.20.31

Download Minecraft version 1.20.31 apk free
26 September 2023
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Download Minecraft 1.20.31 for Android Free Trails & Tales Update: improve your skills in finding various artifacts and secret locations, as well as learn a lot of interesting things.

Minecraft 1.20.31 Release: Unblocked Version

The efforts of developers never go unnoticed by users, and this is obvious because it is for them that a large and beautiful world is created. In the course of their travels, the heroes of Minecraft PE 1.20.31 get invaluable gaming experience, they can realize themselves in a wide variety of areas:

  1. build a dwelling in which you can hide from enemies;
  2. engage in archaeology, for this, you need to find Suspicious blocks;
  3. Decorate armor with Templates;
  4. Also in Minecraft version 1.20.31, you can grow plants or breed animals.

This is not a complete list of what heroes can do in the cubic world, everyone can choose an interesting activity for themselves.

The village and its inhabitants

In the process of development, one day villages appeared in the cubic world and from that moment the gameplay began to play with new colors. It became possible to interact with residents: trade with them and protect them.

In MCPE 1.20.31, players have even more diverse options. For example, the cartographer now offers a lot more different maps. They will show the way to unique locations where Minecraft PE 1.20.31 heroes will find many unique items.


These creatures are extremely useful to those players who want to explore the territory of Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.20.31. These mounts, as a rule, eat cacti and are distinguished by incredible endurance.

It is worth noting that in Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.20.31, their behavior mechanics have been improved. Now Camels don’t move their legs when they stand. Also, he will not be able to jump out, once in the lava. And they will no longer slip while walking.

  • How many new maps can be purchased from a Cartographer in Minecraft PE 1.20.31?
  • What is needed to buy diamond armor?
    MCPE 1.20.31 requires not only diamonds, but also emeralds.
  • What items can be found in some structures?
    Enchanted books.
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