Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

Trails & Tales Update (Beta)
26 July 2023
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Download Minecraft for Android Free: Get to know the magnificent features of the cube world, such as unlocking recipes or crawling.

Minecraft Trails & Tales Update

The introduction of previously unavailable options into the cubic world is an important process that the developers of Mojang Studios pay great attention to. In Minecraft PE, players can use the Recipe Unlock feature that was recently created.

Also, if a player gets into an opening one block high when moving, he will automatically crawl. Now this kind of animation is no longer experimental, the switch is no longer available in the settings and it works automatically in the game.

New function

This interesting feature will be useful for players with an extensive variety of training levels. Unlocking recipes in the previous version has ceased to be experimental. But in Minecraft, it can still be enabled when creating a world.

It is also worth noting that recipes that have not yet been unlocked will be displayed when searching. It, in turn, is now produced by the first letters of the found word.


Those users who use text-to-speech can appreciate that this feature has been improved.

This harmless character is a bit like a turtle in Minecraft PE, but the developers attribute it to ancient creatures. For some reason, it has been well preserved to this day and also has quite useful functions in the gameplay.

With its help, players can grow incredible plants, the seeds of which are collected by this mob. By the way, it appears from eggs. They can be recognized by the red-green type of color, the same as that of the Sniffer itself.

Other features

After installing Minecraft, players and mobs that move through the Snow will not hover over it as before. Also now breathing of Steve will be restored even when only his head is above water.

  • How does the search in the recipe list work?
    By the first syllables.
  • What animation appeared in Minecraft PE
    Crawling animation.
  • What happens if you crawl into the water in MCPE
    The player will switch to swimming.
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