Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

Trails & Tales Update (Beta)
24 June 2023
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Download Minecraft for Android Free: traveling around the cubic world will become even more interesting because you can move with passengers on a boat again.

Minecraft Beta Trails & Tales Update

Many different new features appear in the cube world with each new version. And it pleases all users without exception because the gameplay becomes even more interesting.

Highlighting the main innovations in Minecraft PE, users will note more stable movements of the hero and the appearance of a new animation – crawling. By the way, now picking up a new item that the player has not previously created, he will receive a complete recipe for crafting the product.

New valuable resources

To get a new kind of wood, players will need to find the Cherry Grove biome. Local trees have a pink hue not only of the petals but also of the bark. Thus, all the objects that will be created from it will be the same color.

Also in Minecraft, players will undoubtedly be pleased with the fact that by collecting fallen flowers from the surface, you can create a previously inaccessible type of dye.

Calibrated Sensor

With this block, players can pick up vibrations that come from various creatures or objects. Adjust the Calibrated Sensor to a specific frequency so that the search is more accurate.

For example, in Minecraft PE it can be actions such as walking or jumping.


Players know that there are several types of armor in the cubic world, which have different values and the degree of protection of the hero. Thanks to the innovations that have appeared in Minecraft, it is now possible to decorate your armor with beautiful drawings.

To do this, as well as to create a set of equipment, you will need a Blacksmith Table, but in addition, there are also Templates. You can find these items in the so-called Structures throughout the cubic world.

It is worth noting that there are very rare instances that only the most attentive users will be able to find.

  • How to get pink dye?
    You will need to collect rose petals in a Cherry grove.
  • What are the Templates in MCPE for?
    To decorate the armor.
  • In which biome in Minecraft PE do cherries grow?
    In the Cherry Grove.
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