Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

Trails & Tales Update (Beta)
14 June 2023
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Download Minecraft for Android Free: learn about all the possibilities of crafting items, as well as technical changes and new features.

Minecraft Trails & Tales Update

A lot of new and very interesting features have appeared in Minecraft PE and they will undoubtedly please all players. First of all, it is worth noting the changes in the process of unlocking items. Now, if a player receives a new item that he has not previously created, he automatically receives information about what it is made of.

In addition, the development of another type of player animation continues, namely crawling. Every time the hero gets into an opening one block high, he will automatically switch to this state. The authors also added new sounds to the cubic world that will make the gameplay even more diverse.


In almost every update, the authors add new items related to this mob and Minecraft was no exception. This time they disabled the ability to search for seeds in the air with this.

They can be searched only on the ground, and not in water or even more so in the air. It is worth noting that the Sniffer has a unique opportunity to find such grains. From which players can grow previously unseen plants. It can be Torchflower or Pitcher.

Updating your armor

A very interesting opportunity to decorate equipment is now offered in Minecraft PE But to start the process, you will have to work hard and find the necessary ingredients. One of them is Templates.

They look like small plates on which a pattern is applied. It is enough to add armor and any of the valuable resources to them to get decorated items to protect the hero.

Cherry Grove

Go in search of this amazing biome in Minecraft and enjoy its incredibly beautiful landscape and new features. The entire surface of this location is covered with cherry petals, collect them and get a new version of the dye.

  • What are Templates in MCPE for?
    For armor decoration.
  • What does the Sniffer eat in Minecraft
  • When does crawling mode turn on?
    When passing through an opening the size of 1 block.
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