Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

Trails & Tales Update (Beta)
1 June 2023
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Minecraft Trails & Tales Update

In this version of the cubic world, the developers of Mojang Studios fixed some bugs that affected the entire gameplay and also added new functionality. But the main changes are aimed at ensuring that the versions of the cubic world on different platforms have identical settings and capabilities.

In other words, in Minecraft PE they tried to equalize Bedrock and Java. Thus, now the mounts will follow the hero if he has their favorite delicacy in his hands – a carrot or an apple.

It will be useful for users to know that boards will be needed to craft barrels instead of sticks.


Developers continue to expand the number of items that players can find in blocks such as suspicious sand or gravel. In addition to clay fragments, which make good vases, new music discs can be found during excavations.

Use the player to play unique melodies in Minecraft  Make routine processes even more interesting right now.


The cubic world is a rather dangerous space and it is better for players to always stay alert Calibrated sensors will help them in this. They can pick up vibrations from a distance.

To make these useful blocks in Minecraft PE, you will need an amethyst fragment and an acoustic sensor.

New biome

A wonderful place that is worth visiting for every user of the cubic world is distinguished by its unusual and unique nature. The fact is that all trees and shrubs are in a constant flowering period.

By the way, the developers have added a unique musical accompaniment to this place in Minecraft Be sure to visit the new Cherry Grove biome to enjoy the indescribable beauty of nature.

  • Which biome is famous for its beauty in Minecraft PE
    Cherry Grove.
  • What is the Calibrated sensor in MCPE used for?
    To detect vibrations.
  • What can you find by doing excavations?
    Clay fragments, music discs.
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