Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

Trails & Tales Update
8 March 2023
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Download Minecraft PE with a working Xbox Live: look for the remains of ancient vessels in the sand, and use only a brush to clean the blocks so as not to destroy them.

Minecraft Beta Trails & Tales Update

Again, the developers of Mojang Studios have pleased users with some changes that have already become available in the game. First of all, it is worth noting that in Minecraft PE, the reproduction of rowing sounds has been restored.

By the way, objects after being thrown out of the water will no longer float away. Players are already looking forward to the recently announced Trails & Tales Update, but for now the overall stability of the gameplay has also been improved.

The Search for Antiquities

In the process of exploring the cubic world, players move through territories and biomes. In one of the locations in Minecraft, a new structure has appeared. It is called excavations and, as a rule, is located near temples.

Here the heroes will find unique new blocks. Suspicious Sand is a very fragile material and contains fragments of ancient clay vases. To get them, you need to clean them very carefully with a special brush.

Pottery Shards

In total, in Minecraft PE, players can get, thus, 4 types of fragments, each of which has a unique pattern. If you are lucky, if all the elements are put together, you will get a beautiful vase made of clay in the ancient style.

Such an artifact will surprise anyone who sees it and will become a real decoration of any dwelling.

New Mob in Minecraft PE

This version was not without the appearance of a creature previously unseen in the cubic world. Sniffer bears some resemblance to turtles, for example, just as they hatch from eggs.

But at the same time, this mob in Minecraft has its unique manner of behavior. For him, the most important occupation is the food search, and the food source of this animal is seeds.

That is why he has an excellent sense of smell, with which this animal easily finds them in the ground.

Cherry Blossom

Users have long dreamed that this biome would appear in the cubic world, and finally, this day has come. The amazing beauty of nature will meet everyone who finds this place. There is a feeling that it is always spring in this place.

Cherry blossom trees drop petals on the surface, and players can collect them. In Minecraft PE, you can make a new kind of dye from them.

  • Where will players find the excavation site in MCPE
    In the desert.
  • How many variants of the pattern on clay fragments are there in total?
    There are 4 of them in Minecraft PE
  • What does Sniffer eat?
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