Minecraft PE 1.19.71

Minecraft PE 1.19.71

Trails & Tales Update
17 March 2023
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Download Minecraft PE 1.19.71 with a working Xbox Live: find out how you can decorate your armor, and get acquainted with the capabilities of the updated forge table.

Minecraft 1.19.71 Release

After installing Minecraft PE 1.19.71, users will completely change their view of the cubic world. The fact is that the developers of Mojang Studios have created an incredible version, in which many interesting innovations have appeared.

First of all, it is worth noting the possibilities for decorating armor, which will continue to develop in the upcoming Trails & Tales Update. At the moment there are other changes, as well as bug fixes. Villagers now wake up in the correct position and cannot pass through the blocks.

Armor Decoration

First of all, players should know that a blacksmith’s table has been transformed in Minecraft 1.19.71. Now it is a device for modernization. As well as modification of all kinds of physical equipment.

Two additional operations can be performed in it: this is the decoration of the netherite or the finishing of the armor. Players will have the opportunity to change the color or add patterns to their equipment.
Players can find special patterns for drawings in the structures of almost all biomes. To create unique options, combine different materials and templates.

A unique blacksmith’s table users can be found in the ruins of the Bastion.

Cherry Grove

This biome, which recently appeared in the cubic world, immediately became incredibly popular among users. It impresses with a beautiful landscape. And its surface consists of petals that have practical applications.

The developers are trying to promptly correct the errors associated with this location. In Minecraft PE 1.19.71, the texture for Cherry Plaques and foliage has been fixed. And now you can meet orange frogs here.

  • Which biome appeared in Minecraft PE 1.19.71?
    Cherry blossom biome.
  • What frogs are found in this biome in MCPE 1.19.71?
  • What features have been added for the blacksmith table?
    Armor decoration and improvement of netherite.
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