Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

8 February 2023
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Download Minecraft PE with a working Xbox Live: enjoy a new level of gameplay, as well as use unique opportunities for construction and design.

What is new in Minecraft

This version will be remembered by all users for the reason that Mojang Studios developers have fixed a record number of bugs in it. Their number in the versions preceding Minecraft PE is seventy.

This is much more than usually happens. By the way, the authors also announced the appearance of new experimental functions. They can be enabled using the special Next Major Update button. But at the same time, it is worth remembering that it is better to keep such worlds separate because they are under development and may be unstable.


There are almost always some creatures around the player during the game. They can be friendly or neutral, and sometimes dangerous. But at the same time, interaction with them plays a very important role in the gameplay.

In Minecraft, developers have added several new spawn eggs for creatures such as Golems, Dragons, and Wither. And for the Polar Bear, the color and texture were replaced. Also now the saddle will be automatically put on tamed creatures if a Distributor is used.

New Mob in Minecraft

One of the most popular mounts at the moment is a Camel. And this is not accidental, because it is great for these purposes. Also, in Minecraft PE, players can use a leash even while riding.

By the way, the textures of the adults and the appearance of the cubs were updated.


As a very unusual way of using mobs’ heads, it is proposed to reproduce their sounds. To do this is quite simple, just install it on the Note Block.

Also, to get Piglin’s head, he must die from the attack of a charged Creeper. And if a player installs a part of a pig in Minecraft, then it will also move its ears.

  • What are mob heads and Note Block used for in MCPE
    To play mob sounds.
  • Which animals are great for riding?
  • How exactly can I play mob sounds in Minecraft PE
    Install the mob's head on the Note Block.
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