Minecraft PE 1.19.63

Minecraft PE 1.19.63

Download Minecraft PE 1.19.63
24 February 2023
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Download Minecraft PE 1.19.63 apk release with a working Xbox Live: enjoy a more stable and optimized gameplay on different platforms.

What is new in Minecraft 1.19.63 Release?

Unexpectedly for users, the developers of Mojang Studios pleased them with the appearance of a new version, in which some critical bugs were fixed. Firstly, now there will be no errors when editing the world.

Also, Minecraft PE 1.19.63 has significantly improved navigation in the Standard in-game store. By the way, the problem with game crashes has been fixed on iOS, and constant freezes will no longer be observed on the Nintendo Switch.


In Minecraft 1.19.63, it is possible to stay in one place, knowing that there is a beautiful and diverse world around, which is just waiting for the moment to reveal all its secrets to the players.


This time, the heroes are invited to facilitate the process of moving, using an animal like a camel for this. These mobs have recently appeared in the game and instantly became as popular as possible among users.

In Minecraft PE 1.19.63, they can be tamed, it is enough to give the animal a cactus and you can not only saddle the creature but also equip it with a chest. This will allow you to take all the necessary items and things on a trip.

But in addition to the chest, two players can fit on this animal. This will allow you to hit the road with a friend and spend time on the road fun and interesting.


If the player has to overcome water bodies or wants to go fishing, Minecraft 1.19.63 has the most suitable item for this. The raft is made of bamboo.

This material has also recently become available for use in construction, and now even a vehicle can be constructed from it. Thus, there will no longer be any obstacles or restrictions for players, they can go wherever they want and explore the endless cubic world in full.

  • Which animal is suitable for traveling in MCPE 1.19.63?
  • What material can a raft be made of?
    In Minecraft PE 1.19.63 made of bamboo.
  • How many riders can fit on a camel?
    2 players.
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