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Minecraft PE

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19 January 2023
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Download Minecraft PE with a working Xbox Live: evaluate the changes in the gameplay of the game, travel around the blocky world riding a new animal and create your own space.

What is new in Minecraft

Every player is looking forward to information about the updates that the developers of Mojang Studios have prepared for them. In Minecraft PE, they fixed the bugs that were revealed earlier. Thanks to this, the game space has become even more interesting, and the process is more stable.

Fixed problems with crashes that occurred when using Portals. Some sound effects have also been changed.


In addition to the already beloved by all players Steve and Alex, 2 more new skins appear in Minecraft Now users have the opportunity to choose from 7 additional options, each of which has a unique appearance and style.

This will make your hero more individual and unusual among other players.


One of the most popular activities in the blocky world, after construction, of course, is traveling. It is so great to go on a journey to explore new territories and discover interesting discoveries.

Especially for this, a new animal has appeared in Minecraft PE – a camel. It is ideal for long trips, easily tamed, and has great endurance.

New items

And for those players who decided to stay at home and create their own cozy homes, the developers offer to evaluate the possibilities of new items.

Among them, Hanging Signs can now be distinguished, which in Minecraft are available in a variant with two separate chains.


Also in Minecraft PE, some technical errors have been fixed, so the player wakes up correctly when teleporting during sleep.

In addition, the screen on Android does not flicker when the user opens the keyboard and there will no longer be a crash when going through the Edge Portal.

  • Which travel animal is available in Minecraft PE
  • What are Hanging Signs in MCPE used for?
    To place important information on buildings or fences.
  • How many skins are available to users at the moment?
    9 skins.
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