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Minecraft PE

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11 January 2023
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Download Minecraft PE with a working Xbox Live: appreciate the convenience of riding a camel, use updated items and enjoy the process.

What is new in Minecraft

Creating something new and correcting identified errors has already become a tradition for Mojang Studios developers. They listen to the comments of users and diligently correct all possible shortcomings.

Minecraft PE also had some innovations. It will be useful for players to know that they will not find spawn eggs of creatures such as Ender Dragon and Wither in the Inventory of the Creative Mode.

At the same time, these mobs can still be called using commands.

Bamboo wood

Construction is one of the most popular activities for Minecraft players. That is why the authors suggest that they use a completely new material for these purposes.

Bamboo has an unusual texture and is suitable for creating any building elements from steps to walls. This universal resource will be suitable even for the construction of a raft, on which you can easily go on a trip on the water.

Unusual items

A very unusual use of two quite ordinary items has become available in Minecraft PE Now you can install the mob’s head on the Note Block and it will reproduce the sound of this creature.

By the way, from now on there is no need to squat to make the installation. Evaluate this use case to secure your home or scare your friends.


In real life, these animals have long been tamed and have long been used to transport travelers and cargo over long distances. Now, in the cubic world, you can safely set off on a camel.

The high growth of this mob will make the player invulnerable to the attacks of aggressive mobs, and will also allow the passenger to make attacks. In Minecraft, you can install a chest on a creature and take all the necessary items with you on a journey.

  • Which animal do you use for transportation in MCPE
    The most hardy can be considered a camel.
  • Spawn eggs of which creatures are not available in Creative mode in Minecraft
    Witcher and Ender Dragon.
  • How to use mob heads to play sounds?
    Install them on the Note Block.
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