Download Minecraft PE 1.20
14 December 2022
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Download Minecraft PE with a working Xbox Live: get the opportunity to diversify the gameplay by adding new features and items.

What is interesting in Minecraft

In this version of the block world, some fixes have been made in the mechanics of mob behavior, as well as unusual options have been added. It will be useful for players who use the Nintendo Switch to know that the touch control selection screen will not be displayed in Minecraft PE

By the way, the effects of the Lighthouse have become a little more transparent than before. If players buy goods from a traveling merchant, their profession will not be displayed on the screen.


The developers have changed the textures of this mob to better match the Java version. If you feed the camels with cacti, then there is a high probability that a small cub will appear next to them after a while.

The appearance of small individuals has also been updated in Minecraft In this version, the landing on top of these creatures has been improved, and riding them will be possible to continue using the leash.

Chiseled Bookshelves

It will be useful for players to know that the sounds for Chiseled Bookshelves have been updated in Minecraft PE Use the funnel to put or take a book off the shelf.


To create Hanging Signs from bamboo, you will need 2 blocks of chains and 6 hewn bamboo blocks. By the way, the texture and sound design for such items in Minecraft PE have become noticeably better.

Also, this material makes beautiful and durable fences, boards, and even rafts on which you can swim in any reservoir.

 Other changes

The authors have made some adjustments to the mechanics of the behavior of horses. If the player does not want her to be able to jump over the fence, then just hang a carpet on it.

In this case, in Minecraft PE, an animal without a rider will not be able to overcome such an obstacle.

  • What is the camel used for in Minecraft PE 1.19?
    To ride and transport cargo.
  • How to place books on a bookshelf in MCPE 1.19?
    Using a funnel.
  • How to use bamboo?
    Make blocks, boards or wood out of it.
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Download Minecraft PE

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