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Minecraft PE

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7 December 2022
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Download Minecraft PE with a working Xbox Live: ride a camel and use Chiseled Bookshelves to store all your books.

What is new in Minecraft

The developers of Mojang Studios try to take into account all comments and user reviews as much as possible in each update. This allows you to make the cubic space the way the players want it to be.

That is why Minecraft PE has a lot of improvements that can qualitatively change the gameplay. For example, the possibilities of using bamboo and Chiseled Bookshelves have been expanded.


The use of this material has become a real discovery for all users of the cubic world. Bamboo has a beautiful texture and is also very easy to extract.

In Minecraft, boards and slabs made of this wood can be used in all crafting recipes, as well as their names are correctly displayed in the Inventory.

Chiseled Bookshelves

As you know, Chiseled Bookshelves can be used not only for decorative purposes. In this version, the developers have changed the mechanics of interacting with them. For example, a player can put a book on a shelf while holding another one in his hand.

And by the way, in Minecraft PE, you can pick up and put items from certain shelf slots.


Another mount has become available for taming by players. Camels are not only very hardy but can also save the player from the attack of aggressive creatures. This is made possible by their high growth.

Now in Minecraft, players can throw a saddle on this mob using Dispensers. At the same time, the creature must have already been tamed.

Other fixes

In this version, the developers decided that if all the players who are in the Upper World are sleeping, then the night will be automatically skipped. This condition applies even if there are waking heroes in other dimensions.

Also in Minecraft PE, the volume of the Ender Dragon’s head has been reduced if it is set to an note block.

  • What can bamboo be used for in Minecraft
    For building and constructing a raft.
  • What new possibilities for using Chiseled Bookshelves have appeared?
    In MCPE, players can pick up and place items from certain shelf slots.
  • What is the new function of the note block?
    You can install the mob's head on it and play its sound.
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