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16 November 2022
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Download Minecraft PE with a working Xbox Live: use new skins to better express your tastes and preferences, as well as build something out of bamboo.

What is new in Minecraft

Rate the new Minecraft PE players and their variety is really impressive. The developers have tried to add something interesting to every element of the game world.

Thus, in addition to Steve and Alex, seven more new skins have now become available. Also, the heroes can get acquainted with previously unseen animals and even go on a journey with them.

By the way, the developers have changed the appearance of Vex, now it will be easier to get on it. Fixed a problem with pulling players when using a Piston. And great news for beekeepers – bees with nectar will increase the level of honey in the Hives.

New skins

As users know, for a long time in the cubic space there were only two appearance options for the player. But time does not stand still and the game has captured people all over the world.

Therefore, in Minecraft, seven new skins appear at once, and their names are already known. Noor, Sunny, Ari, Zuri, Makena, Kai, and Efe have unique looks and wardrobes. Now it will be easier for users to express themselves and demonstrate their tastes.

Change the appearance of your hero as you want at any time.


Traveling through cubic space will become even easier, thanks to the appearance of a new mob. He is not only incredibly hardy and unpretentious in food. His favorite delicacy is a cactus, with which it can also be propagated.

The developers consider the ability to jump over ravines and small rivers to be the main distinguishing feature of the camels in Minecraft PE

Also, while on horseback, players will be inaccessible to aggressive creatures and will even be able to attack them without descending to the ground.

  • How many types of skins are there in the MCPE
    7 new skins.
  • How many players can ride a camel at the same time in Minecraft
    Two players.
  • What is the main feature of the camel?
    He can jump over ravines and cross rivers.
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