Download Minecraft PE 0.12 for Free on Android: appreciate the weather change, changed the gameplay, and new mobs.

In this update, the developers of Mojang Studios have tried not only to update the gameplay but also to add several new mobs, items, and blocks.

Users can now monitor the condition of the hero because there are hunger and experience strips in the game. Also in Minecraft 0.12, the weather will now change. In warm biomes, players will be able to observe rain, and in cold biomes – snow.

Of the new creatures, it is worth noting the snow and iron golem. These are neutral mobs, so players should not fear for their lives when meeting them.

In Minecraft PE 0.12, users will be able to change the difficulty level of the game in the settings, there are four of them in total: peaceful, easy, medium, and difficult. The main difference is that the more difficult the level, the more likely it is to meet a mob in armor.