Hotels City Map for Minecraft PE

Hotels City Map for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE: 1.16.0 - 1.21.1
5 July 2024
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Download Hotels City Map for Minecraft PE: visit a fully landscaped area where you can not only relax but also look for hidden treasures.

Hotels City Map for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

To take a break from the routine of trials and battles in Minecraft PE, players are invited to visit the comfortable locations that are located on these maps. Here you can relax in the spa or cinema, and visit the water park, wellness center, or casino.

The developers have provided entertainment for every taste and even created an entire city for this. To start your vacation immediately and even try to find something valuable. It is enough to install the Hotels City Map.

Ceranese Hotel

There is only one hotel on this map, but it is worth it for Minecraft Bedrock Edition players to spend their time visiting this place. The fact is that on the territory of this large-scale building, there is everything necessary for the rest of the heroes.

And it will be interesting alone because the number of possible entertainment is amazing. But you can also spend time with friends because this location is truly huge.

The authors of this update for Hotels City Map also left several gold bars throughout the territory that the heroes can find and enrich themselves.

Hotels City

This time, the authors of the Hotels City Map have created an entire city that consists entirely of all kinds of hotels. All of them are made in a wide variety of styles from modern to rustic. So that every Minecraft PE player can find a place to their liking.

There will be many surprises for those who install this update.:

  1. Feel the bustling atmosphere of the city, go to the shops, and chat with the locals;
  2. Enjoy the unique views, take a dip in the pools, and use all the opportunities to have a good rest;
  3. Evaluate the attention to detail with which the interiors are equipped.
  • How to download Hotels City Map?
    Tap the file and open it in Minecraft PE.
  • Can I use this map with my friends?
    Yes, the map can be used for a multiplayer game.
  • Can i use the map in the survival mode?
    Yes, the map is suitable for the survival mode.

Download Hotels City Map for Minecraft PE

Hotels City Map for Minecraft PE
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