Minecraft PE 1.16.210

Minecraft PE 1.16.210

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27 July 2023
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Download Minecraft PE 1.16.210 Caves & Cliffs with working Xbox Live: sculk sensors, new mountains and more!

MCPE 1.16.210 – What’s New?

The most interesting innovation in Minecraft PE 1.16.210 is the new set of mountains. They are now even taller, more realistic and look awesome! The task of surviving in this location is now made much more interesting. Also, the developers have fixed previous bugs.


A new material in Minecraft PE 1.16.210, which is obtained from copper ore. This ore is generated at around the same altitude as iron ore. After melting copper ore, the player receives a copper ingot.

Copper ingots can be used to make various copper blocks. Lightning rods can be found amongst these blocks. These will attract lightning strikes when in an array of ​​16x4x16 blocks. This will prevent fires caused by lightning striking trees during a thunderstorm.

Generating mountains

The maximum mountain height has now been increased from 256 blocks to 320 blocks. Mountaineering fanatics can now mine ore in the mountains.

Glowing squids

A new mob in Minecraft PE 1.16.210, which are luminous and are only found under water. Upon death, squids drop a glowing ink sac. This item can be used to create a glowing frame, by combining a glowing ink sac with an ordinary frame.

An object within a glowing frame will be luminous at night and can be seen clearly from a distance. Glowing ink sacs can also be used to make text on plates appear lighter.

Stalactites and stalagmites

In Minecraft PE 1.16.210, stalactites and stalagmites can also be found in the new set of caves. Stalactites form on ceilings and stalagmites on the ground. They are both dangerous, so greater care needs to be taken when venturing into caves.


  • Can I tame a goat in MCPE 1.16.210?
    No, you can only milk it.
  • What do I do with a goat horn?
    You can utilize it to produce raid sounds.
  • What do I need to collect powder snow?
    You'll need a bucket.
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