Minecraft PE 1.0.0

Minecraft PE 1.0.0

Download Minecraft PE 1.0.0
17 October 2023
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Download Minecraft 1.0.0 for free on Android: meet Ender Dragon, use chorus flowers for crafting and visit the Winter biome!

What is new in Minecraft PE 1.0.0?

Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0.0 will allow players to enjoy the innovations of Ender Update without errors. There is also an opportunity to meet new mobs, buildings, and plants!


Ender Dragon can destroy a variety of blocks and objects by flying through them. In Minecraft 1.0.0, the mob appears after the player enters the portal.

By the way, this Nether boss can restore health with crystals.

If the player wants to resurrect the dragon, he must put an edge crystal on each side of the portal. You need to eliminate the dragon eggs before. Otherwise, it will disappear.

After that, the obsidian pillars will be restored. And the boss will be resurrected. The portal to the Overworld will disappear.


It is a new creature in Minecraft PE 1.0.0 with an aggressive character. If a shulker projectile hits the player, a levitation effect appears.

By the way, players can reflect shells attack by hitting them with any object.

Shulkers live in the End city. To craft the shulker box, you need to pick up the shulker’s shell after the mob’s death.

End City

This biome in Minecraft 1.0.0 is a tower or several towers. The main building stands on the End stone, and the rest of the buildings float in the air. There are bridges between the structures.

In this biome, you can find chests with rare items, which even have wings.

The End city is guarded by hostile shulkers. So it’s worth taking a suitable weapon with you.

Chorus Flower

This beautiful plant is in the End dimension in Minecraft PE 1.0.0. The chorus flower looks like a cactus.

If the lower block breaks, then the plant dies, and the fruit of the chorus falls out of the flower. You can create a purple block and a schulker shell from the chorus fruits.

Players can use the chorus flower to teleport.

Winter Biome

On the territory of the winter biome in Minecraft 1.0.0, you can see an igloo. These dwellings are in the Ice Plains. There is one room inside, but there is also a 50% probability that a basement of stone blocks may appear in the igloo.

Players may also discover a treasure chest there. There will be a golden apple in the chest.

Polar Bear

This animal is another new Minecraft PE 1.0.0 mob. The bear lives in a winter biome. The polar bear treats the players neutrally and attacks only in case of danger to him.


Mojang developers made Minecraft 1.0.0 update similar to the Java edition. The changes are noticeable in the game menu.

By the way, users can also leave the old menu by changing the settings.

  • Can Ender Dragon restore its health?
    This boss can restore health with crystals.
  • Is polar bear dangerous for players?
    No, polar bear is neutral.
  • Where can I find an igloo?
    Players can find an igloo in the Ice Plains.

Minecraft PE 1.0.0 Download

Minecraft PE 1.0.0
17 October 2023 2.9
Minecraft PE 1.0.0

Download Minecraft 1.0.0 for free on Android: m...

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