Minecraft PE 0.2.2

Minecraft PE 0.2.2

Download Minecraft PE 0.2.2
27 October 2023
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Download Minecraft PE 0.2.2 for Free on Android: evaluate the fixed bugs and use all the new features.

What is interesting in Minecraft 0.2.2?

The main task of Minecraft PE 0.2.2 is the correction of errors that prevented the correct and stable operation of the application. Some important and necessary elements have also been added.

Now players can not worry about frequent freezes, the gameplay will become convenient and comfortable. All updates are aimed at creating an exciting atmosphere in which each player will find an interesting activity.

Thus, there are more and more new elements in the game that improve the quality of the process.

Creative Mode

One of the new features that the player can use is the choice of the game mode. In Creativity, users can fully devote all their time to finding useful resources or building a house.

Without worrying about being attacked by enemies and destroyed. By the way, the hero will have extensive Inventory capabilities. It is there that players can find various items and summon eggs.

With their help of them, players can create new mobs at any time when it is necessary. In Minecraft 0.2.2 the possibilities of users continue to expand and the gameplay becomes even more interesting.


This mode is in Minecraft PE 0.2.2 will be a more difficult test for the player than Creativity. The hero will have to find food and fill the hunger level. When immersed in water, another indicator will appear – oxygen.

Also, hostile zombie mobs will appear at night, which will certainly want to attack the player. It is worth preparing in advance to meet them and protect yourself.

It is worth noting that this mode has several difficulty options: hardcore and peaceful. Thus, the developers have expanded the capabilities of the players to make the gameplay even more interesting.

  • How to meet zombies in Minecraft PE 0.2.2?
    First you have to create a world in survival mode, and then wait for the night.
  • What changes have occurred in MCPE PE 0.2.2?
    The developers have reworked the game code so that it does not cause crashes.
  • How to trim a sheep?
    To do this, take scissors from the inventory and clamp them on the sheep model.

Download Minecraft 0.2.2

Minecraft PE 0.2.2
27 October 2023 2.5
Minecraft PE 0.2.2

Download Minecraft PE 0.2.2 for Free on Android...

Minecraft PE 0.2.2
27 October 2023 3.5
Minecraft PE 0.2.1

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Minecraft PE 0.2.2
26 October 2023 3.4
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