Minecraft PE 0.17.0

Minecraft PE 0.17.0

Download Minecraft PE 0.17.0
20 October 2023
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Download Minecraft 0.17.0 for free on Android: defeat Ender Dragon, visit End City, and do not anger polar bears!

What is interesting in Minecraft PE 0.17.0?

Minecraft 0.17.0 Ender Update gave the game users a new boss, unusual structures such as the igloo and the End city, and a new chorus flower.

Ender Dragon

This mob is a strong boss of Minecraft PE 0.17.0. The dragon can destroy any blocks in its path. To defeat the creature, you need to break the crystals as they restore health.

By the way, the damage from the dragon depends on the chosen difficulty of the game.


It is a very aggressive mob in Minecraft 0.17.0 that can shoot balls at players. It happens if the player is within a radius of 16 blocks. The balls can change direction right during the flight and pursue the goal.

Shulkers can teleport inside the game, which makes the creatures especially dangerous.

End City

You can get to the End city by defeating the Ender Dragon. This structure in Minecraft 0.17.0 is a dungeon built of purple blocks. You can find purple glass, stairs, chests, and obsidian in these places.

Also, Shulkers inhabit the territory of the city.

Chorus Flower

There are chorus flowers in Minecraft PE 0.17.0. It is better to collect these flowers with the stems. It helps not to lose the seeds. If a player destroys the lower blocks of the flower, he loses the upper blocks too.

Winter Biome

The Minecraft 0.17.0 update also has the Winter biome. Now a new igloo will appear in the villages. Inside, such a structure looks like an ordinary villager’s house.

Polar Bears

These mobs in Minecraft PE 0.17.0 are neutral to players. But if you damage a bear, it will become hostile. Before the attack, the bear stands on its hind legs.

Bears run and swim faster than the player, so it’s almost impossible to escape from these animals.

Updated interface

The Minecraft 0.17.0 game menu has become similar to the Java edition. By the way, players can return to the old interface in the game settings.

  • What items players can find in the End city?
    Players can find purple glass, stairs, chests, and obsidian there.
  • Where I can find an igloo?
    These structures are located in the Winter biome.
  • Is a polar bear dangerous?
    Polar bears attack only if players disturb them.

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