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20 October 2023
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Download Minecraft for free on Android: plant chorus flowers, use the new interface, and find the End city!

What is interesting in Minecraft PE

Minecraft is a part of Ender Update. Mojang developers have added new cities, blocks, and even entities into the End dimension.

New interface

The game development team intends to make the Pocket Edition similar to the Java edition. To do this, they redesigned the Minecraft PE game menu. But if players want to return to the old menu, they can do it in the game settings.


There are aggressive mobs in Minecraft Mobs have shells similar to purple blocks. These creatures have two movable parts and patterns. Inside this shell is a body of light yellow color. Shulkers appear in End cities.

At first glance, they don’t seem dangerous, but their attacks can kill almost any mob.

Shulkers can throw balls with the effect of levitation. Creatures hit by such a ball will fly until the effect ends.

End City

It is a new structure in Minecraft PE The buildings inside the city consist entirely of purple blocks. Inside there are also glass, stairs, Ender chests, and obsidian.

The central tower stands on the ground while the rest float. There are bridges between the parts of the building. The structure is guarded by hostile shulkers.

Chorus Flower

In the End dimension, there are not only new entities and structures but also own flora. In Minecraft, a chorus flower plant appeared. Players can plant it on the End stone. It is also possible to grow a flower in other dimensions.

The plant has five stages of growth. On the latter, growth stops at 10-15 blocks of height.

Winter Biome

In Minecraft PE Ender Update, Mojang developers have implemented a winter biome. Now an igloo will appear in winter biomes. It can happen in the Ice Plains and the Cold taiga.

There is one room in the igloo, but there is a 50% chance of a basement. In the basement, there is a boiler, carpets, and steps.

Polar bears

These animals appeared in the winter biome of Minecraft These are neutral mobs that live in places such as tundra, plains, and other territories with similar climates. The creature is passive and will never attack another mob if it is not touched.

If the player disturbs the polar bear, the animal attacks instantly.

  • What items players can find in the End city?
    Players can find purple glass, stairs, chests, and obsidian there.
  • Where I can find an igloo?
    These structures are located in the Winter biome.
  • Is a polar bear dangerous?
    Polar bears attack only if players disturb them.

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