Minecraft PE 0.14.2

Minecraft PE 0.14.2

Download Minecraft PE 0.14.2
24 October 2023
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Download Minecraft PE 0.14.2 for Free on Android: create various useful mechanisms, use a map or a block of slime.

What is new in Minecraft 0.14.2?

The developers have changed different types of animation in Minecraft PE 0.14.2: when entering the Lower World, during rain and snowfall, as well as fire.

But the animation of water was on the contrary excluded, as it greatly affected the stability of the application.

Red dust

In Minecraft 0.14.2, players will be able to create unique mechanisms or traps. They work from interaction with the red stone. With the help of these devices, users can come up with a lot of interesting and useful ideas:

  • comparators;
  • repeaters;
  • double trap chests;
  • ejectors;
  • distributors;
  • funnels.

The developers also added trolleys with a chest. They are convenient because heroes can transport things in them.


Thanks to the changes, the interface in Minecraft PE 0.14.2 has become even more convenient. The skin change menu and settings are now on the main screen.

In order to change the skin, the player needs to press the corresponding button in the Main menu.

After that, the user can choose from the suggested options or create his own.

Incentive system

In order to help players explore the world, the developers have added an achievement system to Minecraft 0.14.2. It can also help to discover new and useful features in the gameplay.

Other changes

A map becomes available to players in Minecraft PE 0.14.2. It can be exchanged from a resident for valuables. Alternatively, the user can create a map on his own.

The examined areas will begin to appear on the sheet, as well as red marks. This means that there is something valuable there.

Another useful addition is the mucus block. It is able to mitigate damage when falling, as well as slow down the undead if they step on it.

  • What has changed in the Minecraft PE 0.14.2 update?
    An inscription was added after the download was successfully completed, and three new interesting animations appeared.
  • Why are new types of trolleys needed?
    They are used to create various complex mechanisms.
  • How to change the skin?
    In the main menu, use the skins button.

Download Minecraft PE 0.14.2

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