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Minecraft PE

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27 June 2024
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Download Minecraft Tricky Trials for Android Free: find more useful items for crafting and survival!

Minecraft Beta: Tricky Trials

Experienced players have long wanted to complicate their adventures in the game world, and the developers gave them this opportunity in Tricky Trials.

Minecraft PE users should visit Trial Chambers, as it is possible to show all their fighting skills there and get a lot of useful resources.

Developers traditionally pay special attention to various improvements in terms of gameplay stability. For example, in Minecraft Bedrock Edition fixed a bug that caused Trial Spawners to work incorrectly in old worlds.


The main danger for Minecraft players who encounter Breeze in Trial Chambers is the risk of taking damage from Wind Charges, which the mob uses to attack. This creature can appear when spawned by a spawner.

It is worth using the best armor and weapons to defeat the Breeze because then the player can get Wind Charges.

By the way, this is not only a weapon for defeating enemies from a distance, but also a great way to travel the Minecraft Bedrock Edition world by taking to the air during a jump.


In addition to the standard tools, developer Mojang has added a mace to Tricky Trials. Fortunately, the recipe is not so complicated and contains only two components. Heavy Core can be located in a Vault, which can only be unlocked with a special key.

The second component is the Breeze Rod which can only be obtained by killing the Breeze in Minecraft PE


Those who want to show their skills in fighting monsters should find spawners in trial chambers. Minecraft players who have a Bad Omen can see how the Trial spawner becomes Ominous. This means that equipped mobs with weapons and effects that protect them from damage will appear in the game.

  • What can players get after the death of Breeze?
    Breeze Rod and Wind Charges.
  • What players can craft from Breeze Rod and Heavy Core?
  • How to find Heavy Core?
    It can be in Vault.

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