Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

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5 June 2024
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Download Minecraft Tricky Trials for Android Free: use various hints that will help you in the process of moving and evaluate the errors corrected in the cubic world.

Minecraft Beta: Unblocked Version

The creators are trying hard to reduce the number of errors appearing in the cubic world. Some can be fixed very quickly, while others take much longer to eliminate. Thus, in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, the sections in the Dressing Room have been updated.

However, it has not yet been possible to fix problems with previewing new areas on the Worlds tab. Also, there are no invitations to the game in Minecraft PE on iOS, but the creators promise to deal with this very shortly.

The Mace

But while the creators fix various technical flaws, players can fully enjoy various aspects of the gameplay in Minecraft, including evaluating the possibilities of using a new type of weapon.

The mace is a very powerful item that can increase its injury if the crafter strikes from a jump. Also this time, there are other interesting features of this item:

  1. One of the important components for creating a Mace is a Heavy core in MCPE, it can be found in the Vault;
  2. If you hit a boat or trolley with this weapon, the object will be immediately destroyed, and the weapon will not lose its strength;
  3. Each time a player or mob is hit, it loses 1 unit of strength.

New options

In Minecraft version, parrots have learned to imitate the sounds of this creation, so players should always be as attentive as possible. The fact is that this type of skeleton has poisoned arrows as weaponry and can greatly harm the hero.

At the same time, his health reserve in Minecraft PE is significantly less than that of the standard version of Skeletons.

  • What melee weapon appeared in Minecraft PE
  • What ingredient is needed to create it in MCPE
    Heavy core.
  • Where can players get it?
    In the Vault.

Minecraft Download

Minecraft PE
5 June 2024 3.1
Minecraft PE 1.21...

Download Minecraft Tricky Trials for...

Minecraft PE
29 May 2024 3.4
Minecraft PE 1.21...

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Minecraft PE
22 May 2024 2.7
Minecraft PE 1.21...

Download Minecraft for Android Free:...

Minecraft PE
15 May 2024 2.8
Minecraft PE 1.21...

Download Minecraft for Android Free: ...

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