Minecraft PE 1.21.1

Minecraft PE 1.21.1

Download Minecraft version 1.21.1 apk free
21 June 2024
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Download Minecraft 1.21.1 Tricky Trials for Android Free: become a participant in dangerous adventures in mysterious dungeons, craft a mace to defend against attacks, and much more!

Minecraft 1.21.1 Release: Unblocked Version

Dungeons in Minecraft PE 1.21.1 have become even more dangerous, because developers from Mojang are constantly adding new details to Trial Chambers. Players can meet Breeze and Bogged in underground locations, fight with mace and Wind Charge, and open Vaults with loot.

Wind Charge

Breeze is unique in that it can attack with air in Minecraft 1.21.1. Explosions from Wind Charger can cause serious destruction in the game world.

There is another feature of the new item: it can help players move quickly through the territory.


There are two necessary ingredients that Minecraft PE 1.21.1 players will need to create Mace. Players can search Heavy Core in Trial Chambers, as these items are usually found in Vaults. After defeating the Breeze, another ingredient is available to users — Breeze Rod.

It is worth using the mace carefully, as the character may accidentally take damage during an attack in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.21.1.

Vaults and Trial Keys

Minecraft 1.21.1 players can pay attention to unusual blocks that are locked. It is possible to open the Vault using a Trial Key. Each player can unlock it once. If a player with the Bad Omen effect approaches the block, it becomes Ominous.

Hardcore Mode

Since the game has three main modes, players can choose the desired difficulty level. Minecraft PE 1.21.1 has a fourth mode — Hardcore. This is an even more difficult survival for experienced players who are not afraid to take risks.

Users do not have a chance to respawn, so they need to show all their skills.

  • Is it possible to craft Mace in MCPE 1.21.1?
    Yes, players require Heavy Core and Breeze Rod.
  • How to get Wind Charges in Minecraft PE 1.21.1?
    By killing Breeze.
  • How to repair Mace?
    By using Anvil and Breeze Rod.

Minecraft 1.21.1 Download

Minecraft PE 1.21.1
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