Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

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24 April 2024
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Download Minecraft for Android Free: immerse yourself in the amazing and unexplored world of Trial Chamber, in which players will find many discoveries.

Minecraft Beta: Unblocked Version

Every day there are more and more Minecraft Bedrock Edition players. It is for this reason that the developers of Mojang Studios try to optimize the gameplay in the cubic world as much as possible to meet the expectations of users.

At the same time, errors and failures inevitably occur, which are corrected in a short time. Also in Minecraft PE, Cartographers will sell the Trial Chamber map when enabling Changes to trade with villagers.

In this version, the developers have changed the sounds that occur when receiving Raid Omen and Bad Omen effects. Also, players will not see particles around them after consuming the Ominous Bottle, as it was before. Rate all the changes right now and enjoy the gameplay.


The name of this mob may be associated with a light sea wind, but in Minecraft, a meeting with it may end very sadly for players. The fact is that Breeze is a new dangerous creature that appears from Trial Spawner in underground locations.

In this version, the developers have changed the nature of his movements, thanks to which he now slides during combat. But it also has other unique features:

  1. Attacks players with wind charges;
  2. Before attacking in MCPE, it contracts like a spring;
  3. His attack causes the victim to fall and thus take damage.

Interior items

In Minecraft version, a player can become a true connoisseur of art and decorate their home with very unusual objects. The fact is that the developers have added several new paintings to the cubic world.

Various options will make the interior in Minecraft PE more realistic and unique.

  • What attacks does Breeze in Minecraft PE have?
    Wind charges.
  • Where does Breeze in MCPE appear?
    In the Trial Chamber.
  • Why should the player contact the cartographer?
    To get a pass card to the Trial Chamber.

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