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Minecraft PE

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10 April 2024
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Download Minecraft for Android Free: Learn about all the features of Ominous Items and be careful, because Mob Effects have appeared in the cubic world.

Minecraft Beta: Unblocked Version

The real celebration was the appearance of Minecraft Bedrock Edition because, in this version, the developers of Mojang Studios added a lot of completely new and updated blocks and items.

Almost all of them can be found in the Trial Chamber, as well as all the recent changes that are taking place in the cubic world. Also in Minecraft PE, there is an opportunity to try your hand at Hardcore Mode, which only the bravest heroes can do.

Also in this version, three new spells for the Mace have become available, these are Wind Burst, Density, and Breach. Try using them right now.

Ominous Bottle

Among the new items that the developers introduced in Minecraft was the Ominous Bottle. This is a completely new facility that gives players access to completely new features in the game. There are several points that it is useful for heroes to know before using it:

  1. You can get the Ominous Bottle from the Storage that players will find in the Trial Chamber;
  2. After drinking the liquid, the hero will receive the effect of a Bad Omen for 1 hour and 40 minutes;
  3. After use in MCPE, the item is broken.

Mob Effects

Another innovation that appeared in Minecraft version was the Effects of Mobs. They appear only next to a new kind of spawner, which is called Ominous. Some creatures will be immune to them.

There will be four such Effects in total and each of them has its characteristics. For example, Wind Charged assumes that the affected creatures in Minecraft PE will emit a gust of wind after death, and Infested that one or two scales will appear from them.

Weaving – creatures leave a Web behind them, and Oozed – spawn slugs after their death.

  • What effect does a player get if he drinks a Ominous Bottle in Minecraft PE
    It is a bad Omen.
  • How long does this effect last in MCPE
    1 hour and 40 minutes.
  • Where can I meet the Ominous Trial Spawner?
    In the Trial Chamber.

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