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Minecraft PE

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3 April 2024
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Download Minecraft for Android Free: spend time in the company of friendly mobs or go on a journey alone, in any case, it will be remembered for a long time.

Minecraft Beta: Unblocked Version

For every user of Minecraft Bedrock Edition, it is incredibly important that the game space is diverse and interesting. It is to keep the interest of the players at a high level that the developers of Mojang Studios are constantly improving the cubic world.

At the same time, they do not forget about correcting errors and failures that may occur in the gameplay. This is exactly what happened in Minecraft PE, where it was possible to establish the most stable operation of all aspects.

Ominous trials

A large number of items with this name appeared in Minecraft All of them are somehow connected with the Trial Chamber location:

  1. Trial Key – can only be obtained by defeating the Sinister Trial Spawner;
  2. Ominous bottle – used to produce the effect of a Bad Omen;
  3. Trial Spawner – A new version of this item with more dangerous challenges and valuable rewards;
  4. The new version of the Repository will be noticeable by the blue color of the radiation.

Mob Effects

Players who want more dangerous challenges can use Heavy Core in Minecraft PE – this is a more difficult game mode.

Mobs in the cubic world will also have new effects:

  1. Wind Charged;
  2. Infested;
  3. Oozing;
  4. Weaving.

A loyal friend

As you know, the first animals that people tamed in prehistoric times were dogs. It is believed that these pets originated from wild wolves. Perhaps the developers of the cubic world adhered to this theory, because now in Minecraft you can tame wolves.

After that, you can take the animal with you on a trip. Firstly, it will be much more interesting to move with a pet, and secondly, they will protect their owner. To make the protective functions of the mob much better, in Minecraft version, you can put armor on it.

Types of wolves

In continuation of the theme of tamed wolves, the developers in Minecraft PE also added variety to the color of these animals. Players should remember that depending on the biome in which they live, its color will change.

Thus, traveling through the cubic world, you can see a variety of wolves:

  1. An animal with striped fur lives in the savannah;
  2. In the jungle, his color will be red;
  3. In the Spruce taiga in MCPE, you can meet a mob with brown fur.
  • What is the Ominous Bottle used for in Minecraft PE
    To get the effect of a Bad Omen.
  • How long does this effect last in MCPE
    15 minutes.
  • How can I get an Ominous Trial Key?
    By defeating the Ominous Trial Spawner.

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