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Minecraft PE

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29 February 2024
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Download Minecraft for Android Free: even more exciting and interesting adventures await players in this version, find out about them right now.

Minecraft Beta: Unblocked Version

For every user of Minecraft Bedrock Edition, the main point in the gameplay is its constant updating. And it is not just about fixing crashes or errors, although they can also greatly spoil the overall impression.

It is also important to add some new mobs, objects, or objects to the game. This helps to always keep user interest at a fairly high level.


Recently, several new mobs have appeared in Minecraft version, two of which are quite interesting opponents. For example, in the Trial Chamber, every researcher should be wary of a dangerous opponent named Breeze.

The basis of all his attacks is the wind, which he masterfully knows how to control. By the way, if a player in Minecraft PE destroys this opponent, he will be able to get a new weapon – a Wind charge.

The inhabitants of the swamps

The second dangerous opponent from the swamps in MCPE will be Bogged. But it can also be easily defeated if you know the basic features of this creature:

  1. it looks like a skeleton, but is covered with moss and mushrooms;
  2. Attacks with poisoned arrows, which in Minecraft can be obtained as a drop if defeated;
  3. Weaker than a normal skeleton.

Other changes

Visiting new territories in Minecraft PE is worth starting with the Trial Chamber. It is here that treasures and many interesting and unusual blocks are stored.

Wolf Armor is now available outside of the Experimental Game Mode. It can be painted, and it also acts as a shield and absorbs most of the damage. Use it to protect your pet, but remember that it breaks down quickly in lava, slime, and magma.

  • Where does Bogged in MCPE live?
    In mangrove forests and swamps.
  • What is the danger of Breeze in Minecraft
    It attacks with wind charges.
  • What does Bogged attack with?
    Poisoned arrows.

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