Minecraft PE 1.20.71

Minecraft PE 1.20.71

Download Minecraft version 1.20.71 apk free
12 March 2024
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Download Minecraft 1.20.71 for Android Free: find out what kinds of wolves will appear in the cubic world, as well as what other changes have occurred in the game.

Minecraft 1.20.71 Release: Unblocked Version

The real event for each player was the Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.20.71 release version, to a greater extent, because new inhabitants appeared in the cubic world. Of course, these are all the same wolves, but now their color will directly depend on the biome in which they appeared.

Also in Minecraft PE 1.20.71, the developers have updated the textures for Bogged. Also, this mob will drop two mushrooms when cutting, they will be brown or red.

Wolves now have a much larger supply of health than before. They can withstand the same damage as in the Java version. If the animal is already tamed, then it needs to be well-fed to achieve maximum health indicators.

More wolves

Mojang Studios developers decided to develop the capabilities of pets from wolves. The first stage was the appearance of armor for them, and now a special kind of these animals will spawn in each biome. Traveling through Minecraft 1.20.71, you will be able to meet striped and spotted wolves, as well as other varieties of them:

  1. The Forest will appear in MCPE 1.20.71 most often because this biome is very common in the cubic world;
  2. Black, Ashen, and White – these varieties will often be found in various taiga locations;
  3. The Snowy will be the hardest to find, as he always walks alone, and lives in the Grove biome.

Wind charge

As players know, to get such a weapon as a wind charge at their disposal, you must first defeat Breeze in battle. This type of attack in Minecraft version 1.20.71 has received some changes.

For example, a wind charge does 0.5 less damage if hit. Thus, the damage from the Breeze attack and the attack of the player is now the same.

  • How many varieties of wolves appeared in Minecraft PE
    9 variants.
  • Where does the Striped Wolf live in MCPE 1.20.71?
    In the Wooded Badlands biome.
  • How does Bogged attack?
    With poisoned arrows.

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