Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

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15 February 2024
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Download Minecraft for Android Free: explore the gloomy corridors of the Trial Chamber and find the valuables hidden in them, but beware of the Breeze.

Minecraft Beta: Unblocked Version

It is incredibly important for every user that the gameplay is stable, diverse, and mysterious. Thanks to the efforts of the developers, Minecraft Bedrock Edition fulfills all these conditions.

Heroes can not only build structures but also participate in battles, search for treasures, and learn a lot about the various mobs that inhabit the cubic world.


In Minecraft Pocket Edition, players have a great opportunity to resist the Breeze. To do this, it is proposed to use a new weapon for ranged combat. It is called a Wind charge and throws off 10 percent more strongly than mob attacks.


Spiders and Cave Spiders are afraid of this mob precisely because it eats the eyes of these animals. Armadillo is afraid of other undead in Minecraft PE Moreover, even the player will be defined by him as a threat if he decides to run up to him or drive up on horseback or by transport.

In this case, the armored mob will certainly collapse. After that, in MCPE, he will be in this state for 4 seconds, periodically peeking out of his shell to assess the situation.


This block has appeared in the game relatively recently but has already received a lot of rave reviews from players. Vault has several unique features in Minecraft, knowing which users will be able to interact with it more effectively:

  1. to open it, you need a Trial Key;
  2. The keyhole in Minecraft version will be opened only if there is a player nearby who has not opened it yet;
  3. if there are no such people nearby, then it will remain closed;
  4. Each user can open the Vault only once.
  • How many times can a player open each Vault in MCPE
    Only once.
  • How many seconds is Armadillo in a collapsed state?
    In Minecraft PE 4 seconds.
  • What does Armadillo eat?
    Spider Eyes.

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