Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

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31 January 2024
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Download Minecraft for Android Free: find out about all the changes that have happened to Armadillo in this version, and rate the fixed bugs.

Minecraft Beta: Unblocked Version

Throughout the history of the cube world, the most important event for players is the appearance of something new in the game. In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, the main innovation is the appearance of Armadillo.

The developers also fixed some technical errors that occurred during the gameplay. For example, the objects that the players have now correctly cast shadows, and a new sound has appeared for polished tuff.

They occur in Minecraft PE when mobs fall on it.


Players with the appearance of important changes and additions in interaction with Armadillo will first of all remember Minecraft Now these mobs swim more well. Also, in addition to the savannah, they can be found in the Badlands biome.

Players should remember some important points when interacting with them:

  1. If a player hits this mob, it will be considered a threat for another 20 seconds;
  2. Armadillo in MCPE will not panic if someone attacks it, but will simply collapse;
  3. Creatures are now more stable to injury, but only when they are rolled up.

Exploring the territory

Traveling through the territory of Minecraft version, players can see a lot of new and interesting things. For example, visit the Cherry Forest or explore a new location called Trial Chamber.

Be sure to bring a weapon and a flashlight, because, in Minecraft PE, the corridors of this structure can be dark and quite dangerous.


Now in Minecraft, players can see another interesting block. You can find it in the Trial Chamber and as the player approaches it, you can see the particles coming from it.

Users can open the Vault only with the Trial Key and do it with each block only once.

Minecraft Download

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Minecraft PE 1.21.1

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Minecraft PE 1.21.0
13 June 2024 3.2
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Minecraft PE
12 June 2024 3
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