Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

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18 January 2024
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Download Minecraft for Android Free: get access to all the gameplay innovations, and find out what changes have occurred in the cubic world.

Minecraft Beta: Unblocked Version

The development of the cubic world is completely impossible without regular bug fixes and crashes, so the developers try to regularly release new versions of the game. In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, they managed to fully eliminate various disadvantages, so users don’t have to worry if something goes wrong.

The fixes affected almost all aspects of the gameplay, including mobs, blocks, and other items.


When visiting a new location, which in MCPE is called Trial Chamber, players will certainly meet this mob. He is notable for summoning the forces of the air and using them to attack his opponents.

When meeting with him, it is worth remembering the main rules:

  1. no need to try to hide behind the door, because Breeze in Minecraft PE can open almost any of them;
  2. The number of monsters spawned from Trial Spawner will depend on how many players are nearby;
  3. The creature can deflect any projectile in the direction of shooting.

Trial Spawner

As everyone knows, a similar device previously existed in the cubic world, but in Minecraft version, it has been improved. Externally, it is also a block that spawns monsters.

At the same time, the more players there are nearby, the more opponents there will be. But the main feature of Trial Spawner in Minecraft PE is that in case of complete victory over the monsters, the player receives a valuable prize.

It can be an emerald, an edge pearl, or some kind of potion. A wide variety of creatures can appear from the spawner, including Breeze. He attacks opponents with the forces of the wind.

  • How many monsters appear from Trial Spawner in Minecraft PE
    Their number depends on how many players are nearby.
  • How exactly does Breeze attack players in MCPE
    A strong gust of wind, knocking you down.
  • What can Crafter be used for?
    To create items in automatic mode.

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