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10 August 2023
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Download Minecraft PE full version: encounter a creature like the brute piglin!

Minecraft PE – What’s new?

After the release of Minecraft 1.16.0 Nether Update, developers at Mojang Studious decided to work on bugs. There is also a new mob in the game, such as the brutal piglin.


A large number of new blocks appeared in Minecraft PE Among them, it is especially worth mentioning the Revival Anchor. It can be scrambled with six blocks of crying obsidian and three glowing stones. This block allows the user to be reborn right in the Hell World.

But you have to be careful because the Respawn anchor explodes in the ordinary world, as well as the bed in Hell.

You can find the crying obsidian in the chest in the remains of the bastion or the broken portal.


With the release of Minecraft, the game developers replenished the lower world with another interesting mob – a cruel piglin. He is not cowardly and attacks the player always. This creature is not distracted by gold, which means all you have to do is fight it.

The cruel piglins live in the bastion remnants and guard the chests with valuable resources. They own the ax.


Another essential part of the Minecraft PE update was biofuels. There were four of them. Among them is the previously mentioned location of the remains of the bastion.

The bastion remnants are a colossal structure that can often be hidden among hell stones.

In Minecraft, the player can face a broken portal in both the ordinary world and Nether.


Netherite is the new and the most durable material, which appeared in Minecraft With the help of the ingot, you can improve your diamond things.

The thing about netherite things is that they’re more durable and don’t burn in lava.

  • Who are the Piglins in MCPE?
    It’s a neutral mob of hell armed with a crossbow or a golden sword.
  • How do I tame a strider in Minecraft PE?
    You have to lure it with a distorted mushroom and then put on a saddle.
  • How to trade with piglins?
    You need to give a pyglin gold bullion, then he’ll give you a random object.
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