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14 August 2023
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Download Minecraft PE full version: try to find an easy way to home with a new block – Magnetite!

Minecraft PE – What’s new?

With the release of Minecraft, the Nether changed so much that the old version left only hellfire blocks and lava. Developers at Mojang did hard to update it. They added many new blocks, mobs, and locations.


With new locations, their new occupants appeared in Minecraft There are only four: Hoglin, Piglin, Strider, and Zoglin.

The strider deserves special attention. It’s the only creature in the lower world that can be tamed. And you can do that with distorted mushrooms.

Minor fixes

As reported by Modjang developers themselves, this week’s beta version of Minecraft PE contains bug fixes.
Some users reported that their game would inevitably fly out when they tried to log in. Others noted that MCPE did not work correctly while playing offline.

Fortunately, all these annoying and even sometimes dangerous problems have been solved. This was made possible by the concerted work of Swedish developers.


The player will meet new locations when entering the lower world in Minecraft PE The most common is the crimson forest. The area is filled with piglins.

Along with the crimson forest, the Nether Update has a distorted forest, bastion remnants, basalt delta, and the valley of sand souls.

Traveling through the ordinary or the infernal world, you find broken portals.


With the release of MCPE, the game’s number of blocks increased significantly. Magnetite changes the work of the compass, after which the compass begins to point at magnetite rather than the respawn point.

The Respawn anchor allows you to respawn in the Nether. But to do so, it should be loaded with luminous stones. The target signals a red stone when an arrow hits it. It is also available in experimental mode.

  • Who are the Piglins in MCPE?
    It’s a neutral mob of hell armed with a crossbow or a golden sword.
  • How do I tame a strider in Minecraft PE?
    You have to lure it with a distorted mushroom and then put on a saddle.
  • How to trade with piglins?
    You need to give a pyglin gold bullion, then he’ll give you a random object.
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Download Minecraft PE

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