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7 August 2023
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Download Minecraft PE full version: discover new fascinating generations and fight with aggressive mobs!

Minecraft Bedrock Edition – What’s new?

Developers at Mojang finally released the next version of the Nether Update update series. The lower world of the Minecraft PE has global changes.

New locations, creatures, and even blocks have appeared. But the most exciting innovation is the ability to set a spawn point right in hell.


Along with new biomes, the developers made some changes to Minecraft PE Now traveling through the ordinary world or hell, the player can see broken portals.

By the way, it is in this location that you can mine the crying obsidian. Also, now gold ore is generated in the lower world.


With the release of MCPE, a large number of new blocks appeared in the game. Among them, the most interesting is the Revival Anchor.

This block gives the possibility of spawn in the lower world when dying.  However, unlike the bed, it must be charged with luminous stones. Otherwise, the player will be covered up in the ordinary world.

Every time a player dies in hell, the charge of the anchor decreases by one, so don’t forget to charge it.


Piglins, hoglins, zoglins, and striders all appeared to release Minecraft PE The Striders will slip near the lava lakes. They can walk on lava. But the most interesting thing about them is that they can be used as vehicles. Strider is the only mob in the lower world that can be domesticated.


Five new biomes appeared in MCPE The basalt delta and the destroyed bastion deserve special attention. In basalt deltas, the player can feel a genuinely gloomy atmosphere. Ashes will fall from the sky.

The destroyed bastion, in turn, is generated from 4 types of structures. Besides, it includes the treasury. In the bastion remnants, you can find the music disc Pigstep and piglins banner.

  • Who are the Piglins in MCPE?
    It’s a neutral mob of hell armed with a crossbow or a golden sword.
  • How do I tame a strider in Minecraft PE.?
    You have to lure it with a distorted mushroom and then put on a saddle.
  • How to trade with piglins?
    You need to give a pyglin gold bullion, then he’ll give you a random object.
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