Minecraft PE 0.16.2

Minecraft PE 0.16.2

Download Minecraft PE 0.16.2
20 October 2023
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Download Minecraft 0.16.2 for free on Android: find prismarine blocks and sponges, craft sea lanterns, meet Wither, and much more!

The most interesting in Minecraft PE 0.16.2

Minecraft 0.16.2 update, released by developers from Mojang, brought players changes in the ocean. There is also a powerful boss, which justifies the name of the Boss Update.

Blocks and Items

Prismarine blocks in Minecraft PE 0.16.2 can serve as a material for making a sea lantern. The object will illuminate the area more strongly than any other light source.

In underwater structures, you can now find sponges that can absorb water. By the way, they can be dried in the oven if necessary.

Ocean Monument

This structure is a large underwater fortress where players can discover several rooms with water. Some of the rooms have gold bars and sponges. But be careful: this place is full of guardians.

To find this building in Minecraft 0.16.2, you need to look for a glow over the water.

Guardians are dangerous creatures trying to stop the player on the way to underwater structures. These mobs attack with a beam of light.


This boss in Minecraft PE 0.16.2 is a dangerous opponent for the player. It attacks with explosions. There will be an explosion when the boss’s health bar reaches 50%.

By the way, players can create Wither with the help of 4 blocks of sand showers.


Also, in the Minecraft 0.16.2 update, some chat commands have appeared. With their help, players will be able to change the time of day, weather, and others.

Players can view the full list of commands by typing /help or /? into the chat.

Cartoon Textures

The unique texture pack Cartoon has become available in Minecraft PE 0.16.2. The main feature of the set is the cartoon style. The textures will change the familiar world and make it even more interesting.

  • How to find the Ocean Monument?
    It is located in the ocean and has a specific glow on the water.
  • How to use prismarine blocks?
    These blocks can serve as a material for sea lanterns.
  • How Wither attacks?
    The boss attacks with explosions

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