Minecraft PE 0.15.90

Minecraft PE 0.15.90

Download Minecraft PE 0.15.90
9 November 2022
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Download Minecraft 0.15.90 for free on Android: meet the Elder Guardian, try to enter the Ocean Monument, and use new commands!

What is new in Minecraft PE 0.15.90?

The authors from the Mojang team have released Minecraft 0.15.90, which has many improvements and new elements. Players should visit the ocean because there are new structures and mobs.

Underwater life

Unusual structures and aggressive mobs appeared in the underwater world of Minecraft PE 0.15.90.

Ocean Monument

This is a new underwater structure full of treasures and dangers. Any Minecraft 0.15.90 player who tries to get inside will face a difficult test.

Before going to this place, players need to prepare. Since the building is underwater, Steve will need a potion for underwater breathing. It is made from pufferfish.


These mobs live in the underwater world of Minecraft PE 0.15.90 and guard the Ocean Monument against uninvited guests. Guardians have one eye that keeps looking at players, even if they are invisible.

By the way, the guards shoot a beam of light and also cause damage when the player attacks.

Elder Guardian

This creature is the boss of the underwater world of Minecraft 0.15.90. This mob will appear in front of Steve as soon as he enters the Ocean Monument.

The creature has a feature: it can impose the effect of fatigue on the player. The user will not be able to break blocks until the Elder Guardian dies. There can be three such bosses inside the building.

The player will have to kill each of them. Only then will he be able to get the prisemarine, the golden blocks in the center of the structure.


The developers decided to add commands to Minecraft PE 0.15.90 that help players customize their world. There are 27 new commands now available to users.

Players can use this option to create creatures, teleport, change time, weather conditions, and other abilities.

  • How the new commands can help players?
    Players can change time, weather and other game options using the commands.
  • Where the Elder Guardian lives?
    This mob live in underwater structures.
  • What Steve needs to go to the Ocean Monument?
    Steve needs a potion for underwater breathing.
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