Minecraft PE 0.15.0

Minecraft PE 0.15.0

Download Minecraft PE 0.15.0
21 October 2023
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Download Minecraft 0.15.0 for free on Android: meet Husks in deserts, Strays in the tundra, and create mechanisms with the help of new blocks!

What is interesting in Minecraft PE 0.15.0?

Thanks to the Minecraft 0.15.0 update, the game has many additional features of new mobs, including several animals. Besides, structures with useful items and blocks appeared in the world.

New abilities

Minecraft PE 0.15.0 players can ride. Moreover, you can ride not only a horse but also a pig, making the journey through the game world even more interesting.


Players will meet several new mobs in different biomes of the Minecraft 0.15.0 game world. For example, Husks are 80% likely to appear in deserts and savannas. It does not burn in the sun and can blend in with the landscape.

By the way, the creature also knows how to impose the effect of hunger on the player.

There are also Strays among the new mobs. They spawn in the tundra and icy tundra. It is dangerous because it uses arrows as weapons that slow down the player.


Now in Minecraft PE 0.15.0, players can find villages in the taiga and in the savanna. The houses will be built from the appropriate materials, and I will also meet in the zombie village.

Such places can be recognized by the web and abandoned houses. Inside, players will meet zombie villagers.

Another interesting feature of the Friendly Update will be the Jungle Temple. This structure is an unusual building made of stone in which various resources can be hidden, it is worth going there carefully along the way there may be traps.

Other additions

New blocks have appeared in the Minecraft 0.15.0 game space. For example, Mojang developers added pistons, thanks to which it is now possible to construct additional structures and create useful mechanisms.

If earlier sheep dropped only wool after death, now you can get meat from sheep. Additional spawn eggs have appeared in the inventory: now players can create different types of horses, even a mule, and a zombie horse.

By the way, horses now have armor.

  • Where players can meet husks?
    These mobs appear in deserts.
  • What new structures players can find in Friendly Update?
    Players can find the Jungle Temple.
  • What new abilities do players have?
    Players can ride a horse.

Minecraft PE 0.15.0 Download

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