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Minecraft PE

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10 July 2024
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Download Minecraft Tricky Trials for Android Free: get all the information about the capabilities of new enemies and learn how to effectively resist them.

Minecraft Beta: Tricky Trials Update

Absolutely every user of the cubic world can spend time in Minecraft PE in an interesting and informative way. But with the advent of new opponents in the game, survival is becoming an increasingly difficult and time-consuming process.

It will be much easier in Minecraft Bedrock Edition for those heroes who know about the features and weaknesses of each of the inhabitants of the cubic world. For example, now the probability of a rare loot falling out of the Ominous Vault is 8 percent.

Created by the Spawners

By going to the Trial Chamber, players have almost one hundred percent chance of meeting very dangerous opponents. They are generated by Spawners and are called Breeze.

This mob, like all other inhabitants of Minecraft, has several unique features:

  1. Moves by jumping around its target;
  2. It is immune to ranged combat because it can deflect almost any projectile;
  3. Uses wind energy as a weapon, which attacks the heroes in MCPE with great force;
  4. In case of victory over him, the player receives a Breeze Rod.

New skeletons

Players will meet another rather dangerous opponent in Minecraft PE in swampy places. This creature was named Bogged by the developers. It looks almost the same as an ordinary skeleton.

But unlike its predecessor, it is covered with moss and mushrooms in Minecraft version The main feature of this creature is that it uses poisonous arrows instead of the usual ones.

Also in this version, this mob will not levitate in the following situations: when it is on a cart, on a raft, or in a boat.

  • What weapon does Bogged use in Minecraf PE
    Bow and poison arrows.
  • What loot does the player who defeats Breeze in MCPE get?
    Breeze Rod and Heavy Core.
  • How does the Breeze appear?
    It is generated by Trial Spawner.

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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE
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