Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

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19 June 2024
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Download Minecraft Tricky Trials for Android Free: Use the Wind Charge to attack your opponents from a long distance.

Minecraft Beta: Unblocked Version

To continue the impressive adventures in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, players should go to a structure called Trial Chamber. In this place, players will have the opportunity to show a wide variety of abilities and skills.

Also in Minecraft PE, there are a lot of objects and blocks made of copper in this place. Keep in mind that copper doors can only be broken with a Stone pickaxe or higher.

But they fall out when only the upper part of them breaks down in Creative mode.

Wind charge

To get this type of ranged weapon at their disposal, players need to fight and destroy Breeze in Minecraft PE This mob will appear from the Spawner that is found in the Trial Chamber.

The main features of the Wind Charge are:

  1. It acts the same regardless of the area;
  2. If a player in MCPE throws a projectile under himself, he will fly up 6 blocks;
  3. Squatting now does not affect the number of jumps or drops.


This unusual opponent has many interesting features that are useful for players to know in Minecraft to effectively fight him. For example, before his attack, this opponent twists like a spring.

After that, he can make a jump up or to the side. If he directs his kick at the door, into the trapdoor, then they will open.

By the way, in Minecraft version, the hero does not receive damage from his blow but loses health units from falling after that.

  • What ranged weapons besides the bow and crossbow are there in MCPE
    Wind Charge.
  • How can a player get it in Minecraft PE
    By defeating the Breeze.
  • Where does the Breeze live?
    In the Trial Chamber.

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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE 1.21.0
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Minecraft PE 1.21.0

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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE
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