Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

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12 June 2024
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Minecraft Beta: Unblocked Version

Exciting adventures continue in Minecraft PE and each player has the opportunity to try himself in new game roles. For example, you can become an archaeologist or search for underground treasures.

To make any trip exciting and bring only positive emotions, the developers try to fix all the errors that arise. In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, they managed to fix a bug where the player switched to Crawling when passing over the bed.

Ominous Bottle

An interesting item has become available to players in Minecraft – this is the Ominous Bottle. There is an unusual liquid inside this vessel. It does not quench thirst and does not restore strength. The hero who uses it will receive a negative effect, the effect of which will last more than an hour.

If the player who receives it goes through the territory of the Trial Chamber, then some blocks will change their state. For example, Trial Spawner will be called Ominous Spawner and the monsters appearing from it will be much more dangerous than usual.

Thus, every user who is looking for new experiences and wants to have an unusual time in Minecraft version should go to this location.

Other changes

The developers of Mojang Studios are trying to transform the cubic world more and more with each version. Of course, Minecraft PE was no exception, this time several innovations were made and some bugs were fixed:

  1. You can create a double door from different types of doors;
  2. The speed of the wind charge, if the player makes a shot, is increased by 5 percent;
  3. In MCPE, the coordinates of dismounting from the transport were changed.
  • What are the Trial Keys in Minecraft PE used for?
    In order to open the Vault.
  • What is the strength of the mace?
    500 units.
  • What is the difference between the Trial Key and the Ominous Key in MCPE
    Using the second one, you can open the Ominous Vault.

Minecraft Download

Minecraft PE
12 June 2024 5
Minecraft PE 1.21...

Download Minecraft Tricky Trials for...

Minecraft PE
5 June 2024 3.1
Minecraft PE 1.21...

Download Minecraft Tricky Trials for...

Minecraft PE
29 May 2024 3.4
Minecraft PE 1.21...

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Minecraft PE
22 May 2024 2.7
Minecraft PE 1.21...

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