Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

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1 May 2024
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Download Minecraft for Android Free: get the most positive emotions from visiting various locations, and evaluate all the changes and innovations.

Minecraft Beta: Unblocked Version

It is incredibly important for each user that there is a wide variety of possible ways to spend time in the cubic world. At the moment, players can become archaeologists, builders, farmers, miners, or warriors.

In Minecraft PE, an explorer or adventurer is added to this list. To do this, go straight to the Trial Chamber. In this large-scale underground structure in Minecraft Bedrock Edition Players can experience new effects.

Listen to new music discs that can be found in standard Vaults. Also in this version of the game, fifteen new paintings have been added at once to decorate the home in cubic world.


In addition to the effect that already exists in the game. Which occurs after the murder of the robber leader and is superimposed on the player. Two more new ones appear in Minecraft They have some important features that will be useful for players to learn:

  1. After the player consumes the contents of the Ominous Bottle, the Bad Omen effect is applied to it;
  2. If the hero who received it approaches the Trial Spawner. He will turn into a more dangerous version, and more monsters will appear from him;
  3. In turn, it can also transform into Raid Omen;
  4. All these events in MCPE will be accompanied by new sounds.


For the brave heroes who decide to visit the Trial Chamber in Minecraft version The developers have prepared valuable rewards that can be obtained from a block called Vault.

By the way, in Minecraft PE, a new version of this object with the name Ominous appears. And more valuable rewards appear from it.

  • How does the player get a new effect in Minecraft PE
    Consumes the contents of the Ominous Bottle.
  • Where can I see the Vault in MCPE
    In the Trial Chamber.
  • How to use the Ominous Bottle?
    Have a drink.

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