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Minecraft PE

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18 April 2024
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Download Minecraft for Android Free: explore new spell options that can be applied to the Mace, as well as learn about updates in effects.

Minecraft Beta: Unblocked Version

This week, the developers of Mojang Studios not only fixed some of the bugs that were revealed in the cubic world but also added completely new functionality to the game. In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, three spells for one of the weapons become available.

Also in Minecraft PE, it will be useful for users to know that in addition to Bad Omen and Trial Omen, another effect has appeared in the game and has important features. By the way, drinking a bucket of milk can remove any of these effects.


Previously, players had already been lucky enough to learn about the new melee weapon, which many of them have already successfully used against their enemies. The main feature of the Mace in Minecraft is that its damage will be higher if you attack the enemy while jumping.

It is noteworthy that when the attacking player lands on the ground, he will not receive damage from the fall. In this version, users can apply three new spells to this item:

  1. Wind Burst – if the blow to the opponent is successful, there will be a gust of wind that will lift the owner into the air;
  2. Density – the item gets extra weight and makes the attack in MCPE even stronger;
  3. Breach – even the most well-protected enemies will be crushed and scared.

Raid Omen

To the effects already existing in the cubic world, Minecraft version will add another one. It is called Raid Omen and its duration is 30 seconds. After this time, a raid will begin in this place.

Players can remove this effect and prevent the start of a raid by simply drinking a bucket of milk. Minecraft PE also adds sounds for this and other similar events.

  • How long does the Raid Omen in MCPE last?
    30 seconds.
  • What happens in Minecraft PE after this time?
    The raid will begin.
  • How many new spells are available for the Mace?
    Three spells.

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