Minecraft PE 1.20.72

Minecraft PE 1.20.72

Download Minecraft version 1.20.72 apk free
19 March 2024
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Download Minecraft 1.20.72 for Android Free: Use new items and weapons that have never been available in the cube world before.

Minecraft 1.20.72 Release: Unblocked Version

This version of the cubic world will be remembered by players for a long time because, after a long break, a new melee weapon appeared in the game. This powerful weapon has many unique properties that make it extremely important in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.20.72.

But this is not all the innovations. This time in Minecraft PE 1.20.72, players will have the opportunity to create and receive new items. Also, the developers of Mojang Studios have added several types of Armor Trims, Banner Patterns, and much more.

Work continues on stability adjustments and it is already available on almost all platforms. This version also fixes several crashes and bugs that were discovered by the developers earlier.


Of course, the most impressive item in Minecraft PE 1.20.72 is considered to be the Mace. This weapon has several unique features that players can familiarize themselves with right now:

  1. Players can fall on enemies and cause damage to them;
  2. the higher the height of the fall, the more damage;
  3. The player will not be injured by falling in MCPE 1.20.72, and enemies nearby will be discarded.

To repair Mace, you will need another new item – a Breeze Rod. Use all the innovations in the cube world to achieve the best results and get a new gaming experience.

New items

Mace, which appeared in Minecraft version 1.20.72, is of course a powerful melee weapon, but even it can break. To repair it, use the Breeze Rod in the Anvil.

It can only be obtained if the player kills Breeze. Another interesting item in Minecraft 1.20.72 is Heavy Core. It is mined in the Vault and when combined with a Wind Charge, a Mace is created.

  • What melee weapon appeared in MCPE 1.20.72?
  • What is Breeze Rod used for in Minecraft PE 1.20.72?
    To repair the Mace.
  • Where can I find Heavy Core?
    In the Vault.

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