Minecraft PE 1.20.70

Minecraft PE 1.20.70

Download Minecraft version 1.20.70 apk free
12 March 2024
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Download Minecraft 1.20.70 for Android Free: learn how to tame wolves, defeat mobs with Wind Changes, and find Bogged in the swamps!

Minecraft 1.20.70 Release: Unblocked Version

Players can already install a new version of the game, which includes not only fixed bugs, but also experimental content from the global upcoming update.

Minecraft PE 1.20.70 users can get Wind Charges and feel like Breeze in Trial Chambers. There is also Vault that can be opened with Trial Key.


As many players already know, in previous versions, wolves received unique textures and are now found in different biomes of Minecraft 1.20.70.

In this update, players may notice that wolves take the same damage as in the Java edition. These animals can be tamed, and tamed mobs have more HP.


There are dangerous creatures that look like skeletons. Bogged live in the swamps of Minecraft PE 1.20.70.

This is an even scarier version of the skeleton, as their arrows are poisonous. Their textures include moss and mushrooms, which is quite consistent with their habitat biome.

By the way, it is also possible to meet these skeletons in Mangrove swamps.


Visitors to Trial Chambers may notice that there is an unusual block in this dungeon. The Vault is closed, and it can only be opened with a Trial key.

It is very simple to understand that the Minecraft 1.20.70 player has not yet unlocked the block: orange particles appear next to the character.

Wind Charges

Players have the opportunity to feel like an aggressive mob in Minecraft PE 1.20.70 using Breeze weapon. Wind Changes can cause significant damage to enemies.

By the way, it is possible to get a new weapon after killing Breeze.

Improved Blocks

Many blocks have been improved in Minecraft 1.20.70. Among the most significant changes are the following:

  • Saplings of sweet berry bushes slow down the players;
  • fixed a bug that prevented users from placing multiple items such as fireworks or boats;
  • sounds appear when objects fall on some blocks.
  • Where do Bogged spawn?
    in Swamps.
  • Is it possible to move Vault?
    No, it is impossible.
  • How to open Vault?
    With Trial Key.

Minecraft 1.20.70 Download

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