Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

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24 January 2024
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Download Minecraft for Android Free: start creating something new, use copper blocks for this, or get acquainted with the unique abilities of Armadillo.

Minecraft Beta: Unblocked Version

In each version that the developers release, there are certainly fixed bugs. This allows you always to maintain stable and maximally productive gameplay. In Minecraft, Minecraft Bedrock Edition is similar. They adjusted some points so that each user could enjoy the game in full.

Also, users in MCPE are invited to continue exploring new territories in which they will find a lot of interesting things.

Underground corridors

This time, players in Minecraft version will have to go to the dark corridors of the Trial Chamber, where a wide variety of dangers await them. But most of all, adventurers are attracted by the opportunity to meet a new mob in these places.

Breeze appears from a new spawner, which will generate monsters, and in case of victory over them will give the winner an excellent reward. But not only the dangers await the heroes in this place. Useful resources can also be found here in Minecraft PE


This time in Minecraft Pocket Edition, the developers decided to add more variety to the blocks that can be created from copper. And these are not only decorative options, but also very practical:

1. Copper Bulb – this block in Minecraft will illuminate the space around itself;

2. doors and hatches, due to oxidation, make the space very unusual;

3. Chiseled versions can let in air and light and will perfectly decorate any room.


In Minecraft PE, there have been changes in the behavior of this mob. For example, if a player hits him, he will consider him a potential threat for another 20 seconds.

The developers also made Armadillo more resistant to damage, including when they are in a collapsed state.

  • What kind of monster lives in Trial Chamber in Minecraft
  • What can be made of copper in MCPE
    Grates, trapdoors, doors, copper bulb.
  • Where does the Breeze come from?
    From Trial Spawner.

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