Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

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25 October 2023
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Download Minecraft for Android Free Trails & Tales Update: make your adventures even more interesting, and collect all the maps that the Cartographer offers.

Minecraft Beta: Unblocked Version

The developers turned out to be very diverse and interesting this time. It affects almost all aspects of the gameplay, namely the interaction and mechanics of mob behavior.

Also, Minecraft Bedrock Edition has more specifics in such an important process as buying maps and armor from villagers. The creators did not forget about correcting all sorts of errors and correcting the technical aspects of the game.


If players want to gain access to new opportunities in the process of trading with residents, they need to enable the Experimental Game Mode. In MCPE, seven unique maps become available.

Each of them points the way to a certain structure, biome, or village. The options for the proposed locations vary depending on which village the Cartographer was met in:

  1. Minecraft PE presents a map of a desert village or a jungle explorer;
  2. plain or savanna variant;
  3. snow, swamp explorer, and taiga.


Some very useful tips were given by the developers this time. As you know, Armorer sells equipment and weapons. But only the inhabitant of the savannah in Minecraft version offers a unique cursed diamond armor, even at a reduced price.

To get diamond armor, players in Minecraft will have to work hard and collect a lot of diamonds and emeralds. At the initial level, it is better to limit yourself to the option of iron.


A lot of various changes affected some mobs in Minecraft PE Now the Zombified Villager has a specific treatment interval of 3 to 5 minutes. This is fully consistent with the Java Version.

If in Minecraft Pocket Edition, a sheep has already been shorn earlier and its wool has regrown, if it dies, it will drop as a drop. Also, camels cannot escape while in water or lava.

New Block

Build a fully automated farm and use a Crafter for this. A block unique in its properties in Minecraft PE allows players to use Hoppers and Droppers to download it.

  • How many new maps can be purchased from a Cartographer in Minecraft PE
  • What is needed to buy diamond armor?
    In MCPE requires not only diamonds, but also emeralds.
  • What items can be found in some structures?
    Enchanted books.

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